Welcome to the official online home of The Lincoln Highway Geocaching Adventure Lab series.


The Lincoln Highway Adventure Lab series was brought to life in 2020 by Illinois native Kyle Cheek (KC_11) who proposed the idea to other Illinois geocachers with the idea of creating a series of Adventures across the state of Illinois. From there his idea grew even further and spread nationwide to cover the entire length of the historic Lincoln Highway from New York City to San Francisco.


A big thank you also goes to geocaching.com Lackey Jeff Caulfield (gearguru) for his extensive assistance and guidance with the project as well.




Here on the site, you'll be able to find a variety of information about the series including a map and links to all of the adventures, as well as information and recognition of the hiders involved in the series. You'll also find information about the history of the Lincoln Highway itself which lead to this project being created, and links to the Lincoln Highway Association whose extensive research assisted the geocachers involved in this series in creating their fun adventures.